STEAM Education stimulates innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

What is STEAM ?

STEAM Education is based  on strategies designed to engage students in learning at high standards, including academically based community service, civic education, environmental education, place based learning, service learning, and work-based learning.

STEAM education extends beyond the classroom to embrace a wide range of extra curricular activities.These include sports, nature trips, arts and crafts and exploratory excursions.

Our STEAM American Schools offer international education where the teaching is adapted to an increasingly changing world.

We care about all our students and we want the best for them educationally but also socially and emotionally

Why a STEAM Education?

The jobs of tomorrow might not have yet been imagined. As the changes in science and technology continue to gather pace, we nurture the skills your child needs to succeed in the 21st century.

STEAM learning stimulates innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, resulting in a well-rounded, multi-faceted child.

STEAM Education encourages children to think about what they’re learning in a more connected, holistic way. 


We nurture the skills your child needs to succeed in the 21st century

Why a STEAM School for your child ?

  • Real World Content
  • Staff-Created Curriculum
  • Students reflect on their Learning
  • Interdisciplinary Instruction
  • Student Autonomy
  • Student Reflection on their Learning
  • Teacher differentiation of Instruction based on Learning Needs
  • Teacher Facilitation on Student Interest
  • Teacher use of Assessment to inform Instruction
  • Early College Activates
  • Students use Technology
  • Students use Workplace and Life Skills
  • Students Treat Each other with TRUST and RESPECT
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Student Induction Process
  • Parental engagement
  • American Schools establishe and maintain its community presence
  • Students participate in Service Learning
  • Staff Spread practices

Why American Schools?

We want the best for your child, and by working in partnership we can successfully enrich your child’s journey through our American Schools. We surround our students with a connected and supportive community that will improve their educational success by empowering families with convenient access to school and student information so they can impact their child’s success. Close communication is at the core of our partnership approach.